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Our bees are dying out fast and a huge reason for this is the loss of their natural habitat. They've lost 97% of their grassland habitats in the past 60 years.

Donate today and get everything you need to create a haven for bees and pollinating insects, including wildflower seeds and a bee identification guide.

Picture of Bee Saver Kit 2021
Protesters at Global Climate Strike, September 2019

Rethink the Policing Bill

The government is trying to rush through a new Policing Bill that threatens the democratic right to have our voices heard.

The bill increases sentences and fines for protestors and explicitly attacks the nomadic way of life of Gypsy, Roma and Traveller communities.

We know that peaceful protest has led to historic victories for climate, nature, and wider society. Demand a rethink from government and add your name to our joint open letter.

Protesters at Global Climate Strike, September 2019
Friends of the Earth 50th anniversary

Campaigning since 1971

Alongside communities, we’ve been campaigning to protect people and planet for 50 years. We’re proud to say that with them, we’ve been taking on the giants and winning against all odds from the very beginning.

But there's still more to be done. Take a look at our journey so far and find out how you can help power more wins for people and planet.

Friends of the Earth 50th anniversary

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