'No time to waste’ on climate, warns PM – reaction

Government urged to abandon climate-wrecking polices
  Published:  12 Nov 2020    |      1 minute read

Reacting to Boris Johnson’s warning that there is “no time to waste” on climate action, Friends of the Earth climate campaigner Muna Suleiman said

“Urgent action is needed to deal with the climate crisis, which is why Boris Johnson must turn around his government’s failure to keep on track to meet its own target for cutting emissions.

“The Prime Minister’s forthcoming 10 point plan is a real opportunity to show his commitment to a zero carbon future, but he must abandon climate-wrecking policies too.

“If Mr Johnson wants to demonstrate global leadership on the climate emergency he can start by ending the £27 billion road programme, calling a stop on airport expansion and halting the funding of fossil fuel development overseas.”