Bees: fun facts and activities for children

Published:  22 Aug 2017    |      Last updated:  20 May 2020    |      3 minute read
Do you have kids, or work with children and young people? Read our 10 fun ways to bring out the bee saver in any child, plus you can access our great teaching resources.

The neonics ban – protecting bees from pesticides

Published:  26 Sep 2018    |      Last updated:  18 Dec 2018    |      5 minute read     |        |    Celeste Hicks
A ban on 3 bee-harming neonicotinoid pesticides for all outdoor crops took effect in 2018. But the UK government has given emergency authorisation to farmers to use one of the pesticides. Read the latest.

Donate today for your Christmas Bee Saver Kit

Published:  08 Oct 2020
Bees are great indicators of a healthy environment. But today, many of our favourite garden friends are under threat from climate breakdown and loss of habitat. We can help increase the variety and numbers of bees by planting more trees, hedges and wildflowers. Donate for a Christmas Bee Saver Kit today to help save our bees.

How to identify bumblebees

Published:  25 Apr 2018    |      2 minute read     |        |    Dave Goulson
Pause, take some time out, and find out how to spot a few of the 26 species of bumblebee that exist in the UK.