COP26: 3 ways the Glasgow Climate Pact fails us - and excludes justice

Published:  16 Nov 2021    |      4 minute read
After two long weeks of negotiations at COP26, the United Nations Climate Talks, the Glasgow Climate Pact was signed. Unfortunately, it didn’t deliver the ambitious, bold and justice-led solutions to the climate crisis that we needed. We unpack the promises made and compare them to what’s needed to tackle the climate catastrophe we’re facing.

What next?

Published:  03 Nov 2021
From Scotland to Sarawak offered just a glimpse into the experiences of climate activism across the world.

Find out how to take climate action in your local are and read more inspiring stories of communities leading the way on climate action.

Community protest

Published:  02 Nov 2021
Communities on the frontlines of the climate crisis show us the power and impact of peaceful protest. Read more.

European stories of Covid-19 solidarity

Published:  01 Nov 2021
The Covid-19 pandemic threw all our lives into turmoil but for some communities already hard hit by the climate crisis, the pandemic was devastating. However, from crisis upsprung resilience, innovation and solidarity. Discover inspiring community responses to Covid-19 and climate change.