What is the real-life impact of the cost of living and energy crises?

Published:  17 Aug 2022    |      3 minute read
People are really bearing the brunt of the cost of living crisis. On top of that, we’re also facing an energy crisis as energy prices continue to rise rapidly, threatening even more people ahead of winter. We share stories from those who've been hit disproportionately hard by rising bills, and outline the solutions we're campaigning for.

A 5-point plan to meet the UK's energy needs

Published:  23 Mar 2022    |      Last updated:  27 May 2022    |      2 minute read
The UK is in the midst of an energy crisis, yet the government's latest energy strategy just doesn't live up to the challenge. We have the solutions to ensure a cleaner, more affordable future for everyone, we just need government to act. Read Friends of the Earth's 5-point proposal to meet the UK's energy needs.

How can the UK secure affordable energy for everyone?

Published:  10 Mar 2022    |      4 minute read
The war in Ukraine has brought renewed focus on problems with the global energy market. But how can the UK ensure a stable supply of affordable energy and avoid fuelling conflict and climate breakdown across the globe? Climate Campaigner Danny Gross explores the options.

Why is there an energy crisis?

Published:  10 Feb 2022    |      2 minute read
While gas and oil companies report billions worth of profits, vulnerable households are faced with rising costs and impossible choices. Find out why we’re facing an energy crisis, who’s to blame and what we can do about it.

Fuelling war: Friends of the Earth Mozambique update us on the real cost of gas power

Published:  01 Dec 2021    |      4 minute read
Ahead of our court case on 7 December challenging UK Export Finance’s decision to fund a mega gas project in Mozambique, we spoke to our friends at Justiça Ambiental (JA! or Friends of the Earth Mozambique) to understand the impact this project has already had on local communities – and what to expect if it goes ahead. Read the first-hand account by Anabela Lemos, the Director of JA!.