Can our gardens survive without peat?

Published:  30 Mar 2022    |      4 minute read
The world's peatlands are a vital tool against the climate crisis. But a lack of action together with ulterior motives mean these precious habitats are still exploited. Find out why the UK government should protect peat (and why our gardens won't suffer without it).

Fracking: the facts

Published:  24 Mar 2022    |      5 minute read
Facts about fracking – the controversial technique for extracting shale gas. Plus, why fracking is bad – including risks to public health and the climate.

Climate resources for teachers

Published:  19 Oct 2021    |      1 minute read
If you’d like to boost your background knowledge about some of the topics covered in these lessons, head over to our educators’ reading list for some general and lesson-specific info and resources.