Beth Collier: is nature accessible for everyone?

01 Oct 2019     |       2 minute read
From "forest baths" to Forest Schools, the impact of nature on our wellbeing is increasingly documented. But for some, nature is an alien environment. To mark Black History Month, nature-based psychotherapist Beth Collier reflects on the importance of opening up nature for everyone. This article is derived from a speech given by Beth at the Garden Museum, London in Summer 2019.

IPBES biodiversity report: Friends of the Earth calls for UK government to step up to avoid catastrophic nature decline

07 May 2019     |       5 minute read
Friends of the Earth is calling on the UK to take responsibility and halt this ecological crisis - by drastically stepping up protection and restoration of our own nature and addressing our role in global biodiversity decline; including our own consumption of imported products – such as soy - from nature depleted areas.

Friends of the Earth sparks moorland burning investigation

24 Feb 2019     |       4 minute read
Update: During the winter of 2018-19 we carried out an investigation and uncovered landowners flouting voluntary agreements to stop burning their moors for grouse shooting. Following the investigation, the UK Government pledged to ban moorland burning on blanket bog. Guy Shrubsole and Alasdair Cameron share their initial report.