What's so good about trees?

Published:  28 May 2019    |      Last updated:  05 Nov 2020    |      3 minute read
Discover what makes trees so valuable to our environment, economy and wellbeing.

Agroforestry: a win-win for the future of farming?

Published:  03 Jun 2020    |      6 minute read
If we’re going to tackle climate breakdown, we need more trees. A whopping 72% of UK land is currently used by farmers for food production, but combining trees with farming gives us the option to suck carbon out of the atmosphere, and make farming more profitable, productive, and sustainable. Campaigner Nick Rau explains.

Beth Collier: is nature accessible for everyone?

Published:  01 Oct 2019    |      2 minute read
Nature – whether it's a sprawling forest or an urban park – can be of great comfort during unsettling times. And it should be accessible to everyone. This article is taken from a speech given by psychotherapist Beth Collier at the Garden Museum, London in Summer 2019.