Our local groups

Our local groups in England, Wales and Northern Ireland

Friends of the Earth England, Wales and Northern Ireland has local groups – and affiliated groups – in around 150 neighbourhoods. That makes us the largest grassroots environmental campaigning community in the UK.

These groups are run by thousands of volunteers from all backgrounds, including teachers, nurses, lawyers, students, grandparents and more. They bring people together to improve their local environment, and see off unjust proposals.

Find out what your nearest group is working on. If there isn't one, consider starting a new one.

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Local environmental success stories

Our local groups tackle all sorts of issues affecting people and the environment where they live.

They have a fantastic track record of defending the things that we care most about. Whether that's fending off huge dirty energy projects like coal mines and fracking – or restoring natural habitats so that nature can thrive.

Meet some of the outstanding campaigners celebrated in our annual Earthmovers awards.

René Gonzalez was on paternity leave when he took on the challenge of reinventing Lambeth Friends of the Earth in London. The group had fizzled out a few years ago, but there was a lot of local interest in re-starting it.

Read René's story about what it's like to manage a new and dynamic local group.