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We're facing a climate emergency

Millions of people around the world are already facing the catastrophic impacts of climate breakdown. With record temperatures, rising sea levels and extreme weather, it's clear we need urgent action.

Our network has the solutions to protect people and planet.

Armed with our Climate Action Plan, we're taking climate action at a local level, working with local councils to make our communities more climate friendly.

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A network of people power

Friends of the Earth is the largest grassroots environmental campaigning community in the UK, with more than 350 local groups and Climate Action groups working on local solutions to the global climate crisis.

And our network continues to grow, creating a surge of people power across communities and counties that Westminster can't ignore.

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Creating new laws to protect people and planet

We use our collective strength to pressure leaders and decision-makers on the national and international stage.

Our network has helped us achieve milestone victories for our planet in the past, from stopping fracking to launching the Climate Change Act.

Now we're ready to claim our next victory.

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By joining today with a regular donation you too can be part of the solution.

You’ll be updated with the latest campaign developments as they break. We’ll send you our award-winning Earthmatters magazine, share expert tips on reducing your environmental impact and keep you informed on how your support is helping to create a safer, fairer, future.

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Help our network fight climate breakdown

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