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Nature is essential to our lives. Our soils, seas, trees and bees provide us with fresh food, while forests help filter the air and prevent flooding – among other things. What's more, nature is essential to our mental health and wellbeing.

Yet we’re losing nature at a terrifying rate.

One million animal species globally are at risk of extinction, including a quarter of UK mammals. The UK has failed to reach 17 out of 20 of the UN biodiversity targets that we set a decade ago. And we have just 13% woodland cover in the UK (compared to an EU average of 35%). Urgent action is needed to tackle the climate and ecological emergency.

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Our work on nature

The government isn’t doing enough to protect and restore nature. We’re calling on them to adopt a Green and Fair Recovery Plan to tackle the climate and ecological emergencies. One of the key features of the plan is proper investment and prioritisation of nature, including:

  • £0.8 billion per year for habitat creation
  • £2.6 billion a year on environmental land management
  • Access to high quality, nature-rich, green spaces for all – only around a third of the population currently have access to a public park or playing field of a reasonable size within a 5-minute walk.

Our campaigners are also hard at work feeding in to consultations that will impact the health of our natural world, such as the Pesticides Strategy, and campaigning for strong rules on food imports to protect animal welfare

Photo of family of four in a woodland park. Children are having piggy back rides and everyone is smiling.
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Protecting nature against extreme weather

Last summer, all over the country, we experienced the impact of extreme weather. The heatwaves affected food production and our health, among other things. The deterioration of nature in the UK has meant a lack of natural cooling solutions like trees.

Over 1 billion marine animals are thought to have died along Canada’s coast in July’s heatwave. At home, seabird nests were washed away in recent floods. Extreme weather is wreaking havoc on people and wildlife. Scientists say it’ll only get worse.

You can help fight the causes of climate and ecological breakdown and help pressure the government to take urgent action to tackle the causes of extreme weather. Nature can thrive. But it needs our urgent help.

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Your donation makes a difference

Do you think the government should be doing more to help people and wildlife? We’re taking action now. For our own health and our planet’s, we need long-term solutions. We need your help to get the government to commit to a green and fair recovery for all.

When you become a member of Friends of the Earth, you're providing vital support for our campaigns.

Thanks to supporters like you, we’ve achieved huge success over the years:

✔️ Climate Change Act: A world first law designed to cut greenhouse gas emissions.

✔️ Recycling Act: That green bin on your doorstep is thanks to our community, bringing recycling to every home and reducing plastic waste in our seas.

✔️ Government commit to stop funding fossil fuels abroad: In 2020 our campaigners helped pressure the government to stop funding climate-wrecking fossil fuel projects abroad. A huge win for global climate justice.

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