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Heathrow: we won! A David vs Goliath battle

With your support, we'll continue to fight planet-wrecking decisions like Heathrow

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Our Head of Legal Will Rundle explains our campaign victory on Heathrow's third runway.


Is climate breakdown sexist?

With International Women's Day just around the corner, we speak to activist Helen Pankhurst about how climate impacts women and girls, and why we're partnering with Care International on their annual March for Women.

We also hear from Sostine in Uganda about a grassroots movement to stop rural livelihoods being destroyed by sugar farming.

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Victory on fracking

After 8 years of campaigning by local groups and NGOs, the government has announced a moratorium on fracking.

This is a huge victory for the climate, and shows what can be achieved when communities join together for a common goal.

Of course Friends of the Earth always has, and always will, call for a full fracking ban and for the government to stop supporting fracking overseas, but now is a great moment to celebrate community action and what we have achieved.

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