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How to Save the Planet A Friends of the Earth podcast

Episode 14: Greening the transport sector

Outside of our major cities, we're mostly reliant on cars to get us around. We know they're huge contributors to climate breakdown, but what are the alternatives? Could we really aim for the bike culture of Holland? Could our public transport system ever be accessible enough to challenge the car's rule?

In this episode, Muna talks to Haf from Friends of the Earth Cymru, Ian from Transport for Quality of Life and Ridhi from Sustrans, all of whom are working on making our approach to transport that bit greener.

Episode 13: How to talk about climate

Caring about the climate doesn't always mean it's easy to talk about. We know it can be a tricky conversation to have, whether with friends, family or your least favourite coworker.  We're here to help, so we asked Cassie Flynn to share some wisdom.

Cassie is the Strategic Advisor on Climate for the United Nations Development Programme, and joins Muna and Fran to talk us through key lessons she's learned from a long career of having those difficult conversations.

The government’s latest plan to boost the economy is a massive missed opportunity to deliver a green and fair recovery from the coronavirus pandemic.

Episode 12: Are your taxes funding climate breakdown?

The UK claims to be a climate leader, but the truth behind where our tax money goes tells a different story. 

Muna and Louisa are joined by Adam McGibbon, an investigator with Global Witness. They discuss how UK tax money is being used to damage our climate and destroy the communities and livelihoods of those most impacted by climate breakdown. They also hear from Ilham Rawoot of Friends of the Earth Mozambique, who's part of a team fighting a damaging gas project in Cabo Delgado.   

Tell government to stop funding overseas oil and gas projects that fuel the climate crisis.

Episode 11: Nature on your doorstep

Lockdown may mean we're spending more time at home, but there's still a lot of the natural world we can look out for (and enjoy) from our doorstep.

In this episode Muna and Isobel speak to 14-year-old RSPB Youth Ambassador, Kabir Kaul, who's on a mission to transform the way we look at urban landscapes and get us all looking out for nature nearby.

We had a couple of tech issues with the mics, so please forgive the sound quality in parts.

Passionate about the planet?

Episode 10: Ramadan goes green

The Islamic month of Ramadan has kicked off, and for Muslims around the world it's a time for fasting, reflection and community.

This week Climate Campaigner Muna Suleiman talks to 3 British Muslims – Magid Magid, Lamees Hafeez, and Zunaira Malik – about how the coronavirus lockdown has impacted their fasting, cooking channel addictions and advice for making Ramadan as eco friendly as possible.

Episode 9: Dude, where's my COP?

So the UN climate talks are postponed, but what really happens there anyway? And does the delay mean anything for climate breakdown?

This episode, Muna and Fran chat to Friends of the Earth's International Campaigner Rachel Kennerley. As a regular at the talks, she shares what really goes on there, the highs and lows of the conference, and the impact of a delay to COP 26. All whilst trying to avoid the endless acronyms.

Episode 8: Planet on lockdown

Climate Campaigner Muna Suleiman catches up with a few Friends of the Earth staff to see how they're coping and staying connected as we enter life on lockdown.

We discuss how we're looking after ourselves, what social distancing means for activism, experiences with homeschooling, and of course what we're binge watching.

Episode 7: Is Heathrow getting a third runway?

Our special bonus episode comes hot on the heels of Friends of the Earth's historic win in the Court of Appeal. On Thursday 27 February, government plans to expand Heathrow airport were ruled illegal, on the grounds that they did not full consider the climate impacts of the project.

But what happens now, and what does this ruling mean for holding the government to account on their promises to take climate action?

Muna and Louisa chat through some of the wider implications with Friends of the Earth lawyer, Katie de Kauwe, who has been working on the case.

Episode 6: Is climate breakdown sexist?

With International Women's Day just around the corner (8 March), Muna and Fran meet with Helen Pankhurst to discuss how climate impacts women and girls, and why we're partnering with Care International on their annual March for Women.

We also hear from Sostine in Uganda about a grassroots movement to stop rural livelihoods being destroyed by sugar plantations.

Episode 5: Climate keeping you up at night?

From fires in Australia to floods in Indonesia, it's no wonder many of us are feeling more than a little on edge about the environment.

This episode Muna talks to producer Isobel, journalist Emma Beddington and psychotherapist Caroline Hickman about "eco anxiety",  how to deal with stressful feelings, and why feelings of despair might actually be a good thing. For you, and the planet.  

Episode 4: The year that fracking fell

After a long and uncertain campaign, 2019 finally became the year the fracking industry fell. It's been a big win for local campaigning, and the environmental movement as a whole.

But why, and how?

Muna talks to Friends of the Earth's lead fracking campaigner, Jamie, and our web guru Fran about why fracking is bad for the climate, how the win happened (and how it was celebrated!), and why activism of all forms is needed to save the planet.

Episode 3: Is this the UK's first climate election?

A General Election gives us the chance to make our voices heard on the issues that matter most.

And with increased understanding of the climate emergency and ever more frequent strikes will this election turn out to be the UK's first climate election?

This episode Muna speaks to creative lead Louisa and political campaigner Rosemary about election fatigue, how to vote and what we should be asking our local candidates ahead of the 2019 election.

Episode 2: Introducing Music Declares Emergency

Muna is joined by DJ and radio presenter Erica McKoy as they delve into the world of music  and what the industry is doing to tackle the climate crisis.

The episode features interviews with the founders of Music Declares Emergency as well as Mercury Prize nominee Sam Lee.

Episode 1: The School Strikers

On 20 September 2019 schoolchildren striking against the worsening climate crisis were joined by millions of adults for the Global Climate Strike.

Presenter Muna interviews the youth climate activists at the heart of the school strikes just days before the historic event.

Listen to their story.