Governance and strategy motions

Local groups are crucial to the governance of Friends of the Earth. This page sets out the process for raising issues about Board governance and Friends of the Earth strategy.
  Published:  22 Sep 2017    |      1 minute read

If you or your group would like to discuss ideas or address issues, the motions process is not the place to start. Only put forward a motion if meaningful dialogue hasn't been fruitful. You can use the Dialogue Forum to have initial discussions with staff and other local groups.

If genuine dialogue doesn’t resolve an issue that relates to organisational governance or strategy, there is a final process for groups and networks to voice their concerns – the Governance and strategy motions process.

Governance and strategy motions are proposed by licensed local groups and networks to the Board of Friends of the Earth. Motions with the most votes are debated in person at our annual gathering.

If the motion is successful then representatives of the Board of Friends of the Earth meet with the motion proposers afterwards and respond formally and publicly to the motion in writing.

Any licensed Friends of the Earth local group or network that has existed for at least a year can propose motions and vote in the debate. Details of when the process opens and how to participate will be communicated nearer the time.

Guidance document:

Governance and strategy motions guidance

Background documents:

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