Greenwashing Team Ineos arrives in Yorkshire as Friends of the Earth calls for fossil fuels to be banned from sports sponsorship

“Cycling is a human-powered sport with fans who care passionately about the environment. Ineos does not fit into that agenda.” Simon Bowens, campaigner at Friends of the Earth
  Published:  01 May 2019    |      1 minute read

As cycling fans from around the world witness the beauty of Yorkshire’s scenery, Ineos (the new big-money sponsor of one of the world’s top cycling teams) continues its efforts to drill for fossil fuels – including in locations along The Tour de Yorkshire route.

Simon Bowens, campaigner at Friends of the Earth, said:

“Ineos is shameless in its hijacking of cycling to greenwash the terrible impact it has on our planet. The company speaks of the virtues of pedal power while at the same time producing millions of tonnes of plastic each year and trying to drill and frack large swathes of the British countryside including right here in Yorkshire.

“Ineos' plans for fracking are completely incompatible with fighting climate change. If we want to prevent further climate chaos they must not be allowed to dig up more fossil fuels.

“Fossil fuels have no place in sports sponsorship. Oil and gas companies are using advertising and sponsorship to distract from the awful damage their products cause in the exact same way that tobacco companies used to. Tobacco was banned from sports sponsorship due to the damaging health effects - this should also apply to fossil fuels which wreak havoc on the health of the planet.”

Editor’s notes

  1. Protests along the Tour de Yorkshire route are being led by Frack Free United
  2. Friends of the Earth and Frack Free United do not condone any disruption of the Tour de Yorkshire races.
  3. This year’s race passes through two locations where Ineos owns licenses for drilling:
    1. Stage 1 Doncaster to Selby, Thursday May 2nd. Just under 3 km of unclassified roads, North of Askern, between Campsall and Little Smeaton. This is in EXL 288 owned by I Gas with INEOS.
    2. Stage 3 Bridlington to Scarborough, Saturday May 4th.Just over 5 km in PEDL 120 owned by INEOS. Entering East Ayton via the B1261 Seamer Rd then proceeding up the unclassified Mowthorp Rd through Primrose Valley to Everly on the way to Hackness.