UK government must ‘raise its game’ on climate action at UN summit

The UK government must urgently ramp up its climate action says Friends of the Earth ahead of the UN Climate Summit which begins on Monday (23 September).
  Published:  20 Sep 2019    |      1 minute read

The United Nations Secretary-General, António Guterres, is hosting a meeting of global leaders in New York to try to secure increased commitments from countries to deal with the climate crisis. But there is concern that warm words about the climate are not translating into action.

With young people leading strikes around the globe today, and the effects of the climate crisis already being felt, the green group argues that the UK government must urgently take action to stop further climate breakdown.

Rachel Kennerley, Friends of the Earth climate campaigner, said:

“The climate crisis is happening right now and harming people around the world, with those who have done the least to cause the crisis being subjected to the harshest impacts of rising sea levels and extreme weather.

“Our government reacts by filling the skies with more planes, backing fracking in the UK and funding oil and gas projects abroad. The solutions to the climate crisis are out there and they don't look like this. 

“The UK Government must raise its game and start putting words into action. They’ve committed to climate targets by 2050, but we need action right now if we’re to stop climate breakdown.”

Friends of the Earth’s Climate Action Plan calls for the UK government to commit by end of 2020 to:

1. Transport

Invest in brilliant and cheap public transport, cycling and walking everywhere. New petrol and diesel cars shouldn’t even be for sale within the decade.

2. Power

Start aiming for 100% clean energy from the wind, sun and sea.  Electricity can’t come from dirty fuels anymore and fracking should be banned.

3. Buildings

Fund a massive insulation scheme and shift to eco-friendly heating – this will end the misery of cold, expensive-to-heat homes.

4. Agriculture and land use

Double tree cover and let wildlife thrive – our land is too precious to be given over to intensive farming.

5. Infrastructure

Start making climate change a deal-breaker in all spending decisions.  That means projects that fuel climate change, like airport expansion, can’t go ahead.

6. International justice

It’s time the UK paid its fair share to support more vulnerable countries to cut carbon pollution and deal with the impacts of climate change. 


For more information contact the Friends of the Earth press office on 020 7566 1649/07718 394786 (out of hours – please do not text this number)