Fracking and earthquakes action guide

The fracking industry is lobbying government hard to allow them to cause bigger earthquakes. What you can do and how to do it.
  Published:  25 Mar 2019    |      2 minute read

What's the problem?

Cuadrilla started fracking at Preston New Road, Lancashire, in October 2018. During a two-month period of fracking, 57 small earthquakes were detected.

Cuadrilla had to stop fracking 5 times because it triggered earthquakes bigger than the rules allow. It wants the rules relaxed – otherwise it says it won't be able to get the gas to make fracking viable.

But those regulations are there to keep us safe. They ensure that seismic activity doesn’t damage the fracking well and potentially lead to gas leaks. The rules also make sure that local residents don’t feel the ground shaking beneath them.

The industry signed up to these regulations – agreeing to them in 2012 when they were put in place.

The government frequently refers to the UK's 'gold-standard regulation’ as proof that fracking can take place here in a safe way. But now it seems to be wavering on earthquake regulations.

The industry has said that for fracking to be viable, earthquake regulations must be weakened. We need to show them that this is unacceptable.

What can you do?

The fracking industry can hold private meetings with ministers and even the Prime Minister – using its influence and money to try to force fracking on communities.

Together we can stop it getting what it wants.

Whether it’s taking action online or getting together with friends and planning an event in your community – you can make a real difference.

Contact your MP

Got a few minutes?

Email your MP – all you need is your address. We've already written a template email.

Got 15 minutes?

MPs receive a lot of emails, if you have the time to write to them, a letter in the post will have a bigger impact.

Use our template email to help guide what you write. Better still, pick up the phone – a conversation makes it more personal.

You can also send our briefing to your MP which helps to explain the issue and outlines what they can do.

Got longer?

Arrange a private meeting to speak face-to-face with your MP or attend their next surgery. Going in a group will have even more impact – no politician wants to be on the wrong side of public opinion.

Let Communities Decide has released a video with tips on how to talk to your MP.

Spread the word

Only got 3 minutes?

Use social media to let your friends, family and contacts know about the issue. Head to our Facebook and Twitter pages for content to share.

Got 15 minutes?

Send our template letter to your local paper.

We also have posters and large stickers you can use to raise awareness. The posters are perfect for use at events, on notice boards or in your window. The stickers are large enough to work well on bins and other large surfaces.

Got longer?

Are you a part of any other campaign groups or clubs? Raise this issue at your next meeting.

Even better, set up a stall at a local event or in your town centre.

Support and resources

Posters and stickersorder yours now on our website. Just select fracking and look out for the earthquakes resources. Please share your photos with us of the places you've used our posters and stickers.

MP briefingPrint a copy of our briefing and hand it to your MP or attach to an email.

More fracking resourcesLet Communities Decide has lots of materials: some will refer to attempts by government to fast-track fracking.

Other useful links include:

If you have any questions email us at

Join the Let Communities Decide Facebook group.