Fracking would send shockwaves through local communities

The government has today revealed more details about its fracking plans in England
  Published:  22 Sep 2022    |      1 minute read
  • An interactive map showing oil and gas exploration licences, including shale gas, is here
  • A Friends of the Earth briefing on fracking is here
  • Friends of the Earth campaigners are available for interview

Reacting to the government’s plans to lift the fracking moratorium, published today, Friends of the Earth energy campaigner, Danny Gross, said:

“Ripping up the rules that protect people from fracking would send shockwaves through local communities.

“This announcement suggests that the government is planning to throw communities under the bus by forcing them to accept ‘a higher degree of risk and disturbance’.

“If the government caves into the fracking industry and allows them to cause larger earthquakes, it will further undermine confidence that fracking can be done safely.

“The reality is that fracking will have a negligible impact on energy bills, while sending more climate-changing emissions into the atmosphere. Little wonder that it is one of the least popular forms of energy generation.

“The government should listen to the science and develop an energy strategy fit for the future, not one stuck in the failings of the past. That means investing in insulation and the UK’s vast resources of cheap, clean and popular renewables.”

Claire Stephenson, from Frack Free Lancashire, said:

“Fracking is a failed technology in the UK and should absolutely be confined to the past. We’ve witnessed more than 10 years of attempts to jack gas out of the ground in Lancashire, with no progress. There have, however, been uncontrollable earthquakes and structural damage – almost 200 reported claims.

“There’s also been colossal methane leaks, community disharmony, and most notable of all: zero commercial gas produced.

“We’re in a climate crisis with a desperate need for a clean, green energy future. Fracking will not make any positive impact on the UK’s energy needs or fuel bills, and any attempt to suggest it will, is blatant spin.

“We stand strongly opposed and united against fracking anywhere, and we will fiercely challenge this misguided administration’s attempt to backtrack on their Conservative Manifesto promise.”



  1. Earlier this month a Survation poll for RenewableUK revealed that only 34% of people were in favour of fracking – while some 77% of the 6,114 people polled by backed the use of wind and solar farms
  2. Friends of the Earth is calling for the government to introduce a council-led nationwide street-by-street home insulation programme – focussing on those most in need: