What does a Biden presidency mean for climate?

Published:  25 Nov 2020    |      Last updated:  20 Jan 2021    |      4 minute read
Donald Trump's final days in power marked an extraordinary new low in US politics. With the now twice impeached ex-President finally out of the White House, what does a Biden presidency mean for climate, anti-racism and international co-operation? Head of Politics, Dave Timms, assesses.

Is the government’s 10-point climate plan good enough?

Published:  18 Nov 2020    |      5 minute read
The government has published its “10-Point Plan for a Green Industrial Revolution.” But is it ambitious enough to tackle the climate emergency? Head of Policy Mike Childs scrutinises the latest announcement to uncover what’s new and what's been forgotten.

Community fight against coal in Cumbria 

Published:  23 Sep 2020    |      3 minute read     |        |    Eoin Redahan
West Cumbria will be home to the UK’s first deep coal mine in 30 years, despite the valiant efforts of a teenager and her Climate Action group. But these campaigners will keep fighting this short-sighted decision.

5 ways transport could change after COVID-19

Published:  27 May 2020    |      4 minute read     |        |    Eoin Redahan
Coronavirus has impacted all aspects of our lives, including the way we travel. But once the pandemic is over, are there ways we can improve our transport systems and make sustainable travel accessible and safe for all?

Government bailouts: put people and planet first

Published:  06 May 2020    |      4 minute read
Globally, COVID-19 has turned how our society works upside down, with massive impacts on health, jobs and how we live our lives. More and more people across the world are in financial and physical danger. As Rachel Kennerley explains, our government must make difficult decisions to help us recover both from the pandemic and from the climate crisis that we’re facing as well.