Elections 2021: Get metro mayors to act on climate

On 6 May, a series of elections took place across much of England and Wales.

Thanks to groups and supporters like you, dozens of mayoral candidates signed our Climate Action Pledge. But there's still more to do.

We're asking newly elected metro mayors to take action on climate in their first 100 days, by setting up a green jobs taskforce and meeting with regional campaigners to discuss Climate Action Plans.

The Mayor of West of England has already committed to take action. Will you help us get similar commitments from the mayors of other regions?

Select from the options below.

Community volunteers

Beyond the elections

Every few years we get to vote for our local leaders and representatives.

But our chance to influence where we live doesn't stop there.

Groups around the country work throughout the year with local council members and MPs to ensure climate is made a priority. Look beyond the election and join a group near you today.

Community volunteers

Council elections

As well as metro mayoral elections, 6 May 2021 also saw voters from 150 local authorities in England go to the poll to vote in their local elections.

It was an opportunity to ensure hundreds of councils, no matter their political party, take climate breakdown seriously and commit to making our towns and cities greener and fairer for everyone.

General election voting card