Local groups

Fight or flight? How our network helped stop a climate-wrecking project

Published:  28 Apr 2022    |      4 minute read
While the UK government claims to be committed to reducing emissions, more and more climate-wrecking projects like airport expansions keep rearing their heads. But that doesn’t mean we should accept it. Find out how campaigners helped to pressure Leeds Bradford Airport to withdraw their airport expansion planning application.

The art of campaigning

Published:  27 Jul 2021    |      2 minute read
How do you capture the heart of an issue and inspire people to get involved? Fusing photography, poetry and shots of gorgeous landscape, local group Darlington Friends of the Earth show us how to marry campaigning with art.

How climate won in 2021 elections

Published:  13 May 2021    |      2 minute read
It's notoriously tough to get commitments from electoral candidates, but supporters and groups from across the Friends of the Earth family pulled out all the stops for May elections. Find out how many of our newly elected local leaders have publicly committed to climate action.