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Episode 4: The year that fracking fell

02 Mar 2021 | 12.62 MB MP3 file
After a long and uncertain campaign, 2019 finally became the year the fracking industry fell. It's been a big win for local campaigning, and the environmental movement as a whole.

But why, and how?

Muna talks to Friends of the Earth's lead fracking campaigner, Jamie, and our web guru Fran about why fracking is bad for the climate, how the win happened (and how it was celebrated!), and why activism of all forms is needed to save the planet.

Episode 3: Is this the UK's first climate election?

02 Mar 2021 | 11.47 MB MP3 file
A general election gives us the chance to make our voices heard on the issues that matter most.

And with increased understanding of the climate emergency – and ever more frequent strikes – will this election turn out to be the UK's first climate election?

This episode Muna speaks to creative lead Louisa and political campaigner Rosemary about election fatigue, how to vote and what we should be asking our local candidates ahead of the 2019 election.

What's wrong with the economy, anyway?

26 Feb 2021 | 23.15 MB MP3 file
Part of our plan for building a greener and fairer future as we recover from the pandemic is to fix the broken economy. But what's broken about it? What might a different approach look like? And what difference would that actually make to your life?
Fran and Danny talk to Adrienne Buller from think tank Common Wealth to uncover answers to these burning questions.

Earthmatters Spring 2021

22 Feb 2021 | 7.07 MB PDF file
Welcome to the spring 2021 edition of Friends of the Earth's magazine, Earthmatters.
This issue we celebrate our 50th anniversary, looking back at our network's achievements over the past decade and reflecting on our hopes for the future.
There's also a feature on renewable energy, as well as a look at what forward-thinking cities across the world are doing to make their spaces more climate friendly.

Mini-series: A better future, episode 1

29 Jan 2021 | 13.82 MB MP3 file
As we make our way through the COVID-19 pandemic, we've heard campaigners and politicians talking about a "green and fair recovery" and "building back better". But what do any of these things really mean? What parts of our society need to change? What would that look like in your life?
This podcast episode kicks off the new year with a new mini-series and new presenters. Join Danny and Isobel as they talk to Connor, a Friends of the Earth climate lead, about what a "Green and Fair Recovery" actually is, and outline the topics we'll be diving into over the coming months.

Earthmatters Autumn 2020

13 Oct 2020 | 4.25 MB PDF file
The Autumn 2020 edition of Friends of the Earth's biannual magazine Earthmatters explores the challenges of campaigning during coronavirus, and what can be done to secure a green and fair recovery from the pandemic.

Annual Review 2019

20 Aug 2020 | 16.18 MB PDF file
From launching a new Climate Action network to stopping fracking, 2019 was a busy year for Friends of the Earth. Read about our achievements and financial reports in the 2019 Annual Review.

Earthmatters Spring 2020

04 Mar 2020 | 5.81 MB PDF file
From the fracking moratorium to our legal team's work, read what Friends of the Earth has been up to in our Spring 2020 edition of Earthmatters magazine.

Earthmatters Autumn 2019

26 Sep 2019 | 12.01 MB PDF file
Read the Autumn 2019 edition of Friends of the Earth's magazine Earthmatters, featuring interviews with TV historian Dan Snow to information and advice on how to take climate action in your community.

Annual Review 2018

18 Jun 2019 | 2.66 MB PDF file
Read our 2018 Annual Review and find out what we've been doing to fight fracking, protect our natural spaces and save bees.

Annual review 2017

23 May 2018 | 8.48 MB PDF file
Friends of the Earth's 2017 annual review. Read about our campaigns on nature, climate change and air pollution. And how we've spent supporters' money in the year to June 2017. (11 pages)