System change

How do our court cases work?

Published:  04 Nov 2022    |      5 minute read
In July 2022 Friends of the Earth secured a court victory against the UK government over its economy-wide climate strategy. But what happens in a climate court case? Lawyer Will Rundle gives us a sneak peek behind the scenes.

Why Gypsy, Roma and Traveller communities need our support

Published:  26 Apr 2022    |      Last updated:  05 Sep 2022    |      3 minute read
The passing of the policing bill into law is a moment to redouble our efforts to defend Britain’s 300,000 strong Gypsy and Traveller communities, who face increased criminalisation under the new law. Romany journalist Jake Bowers explains how the bill impacts nomadic ways of life, and why we need to join forces across society to defend and protect our planet.