Planter boxes lining a street in front of terrace housing in Hackney, London

Making our towns and cities 10xGreener

Why 10xGreener?

Our nature-shy lives are bad for us.

Daily contact with nature is linked to less stress, better mood and reduced obesity. By making our towns and cities 10xGreener, you can look forward to more wildlife, cleaner air, and maybe even a happier you.

More green will also help us beat climate change – sucking up carbon emissions, fending off flood waters and cooling us down during heatwaves.

What if I live in a tower block?

Nature can thrive anywhere with a helping hand.

Imagine stepping out your front door and experiencing it everywhere you look – from high-rise balconies and front gardens to alleyways and bus stops. We're talking hedges; fruit trees; bee-friendly flowers; bird-friendly habitats; and more.

10xGreener is about bringing nature into your daily life, no matter where you call home.

10xGreener, how?

It works like this. We'll support you and your neighbours to raise funds and hire a gardener working in your postcode. We call them postcode gardeners.

But first, we need to know if you're interested.

It turns out that people enjoy spending time with their neighbours, given the right opportunity. And what better excuse than getting together to make your streets more green, more wild, more lush.

BBC film crew

Early 2018, we started 10xGreener in the E5 postcode of Hackney – massively increasing the vegetation and wildlife on Daubeney Road.

Working with Hackney Council and community groups like ecoACTIVE, we involved hundreds of local people.

The BBC filmed it for its Cities: Nature's New Wild series – showing the benefits of inviting nature back into our urban lives.

The first postcode gardener

Crowd funding a postcode gardener is one way to get 10xGreener up and running.

We raised money from residents and businesses for our test run in Daubeney Road – and hired our first postcode gardener, Kate Poland. She is already making plans with the locals:

"I can’t wait to bring grey spaces to life and try out ideas like seed banks, a signature wildlife plant and even weed champions."

What is a postcode gardener?

They're experts at getting people outdoors, socialising with each other – and growing plants for food and wildlife in streets and front gardens.

They'll come up with a plan, teach you stuff and keep everyone interested. They'll help you do some gardening but not all of it. Most importantly, they'll help you create wonderfully green streets.

Make your postcode 10 times greener

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