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Donate and get your Nature Kit today A little bit of nature delivered to your door

What's in the kit?

  • Bee and butterfly friendly seeds – easy instructions to plant your flowers. You’ll see the first shoots within a week.
  • Compost disc – a natural coir compost disc that triples in size when you add water.
  • Pot sleeve – so that you can give your flowers a name.
  • Pocket guide – bursting with tips and tricks to enjoy all the brilliant benefits of nature.
  • Wildlife bingo – a fun game for the whole family.
  • Bin sticker – to brighten up your recycling bin.
  • Shredded paper – to use as part of your bug den (details in your pocket guide).

It's great that everything fits into a box that can be easily posted through your letter box. The kids were very excited to see what was inside.Rebekah, mum of two

Benefits of nature to your child

Studies have shown that nature is pretty nifty when it comes to the health and wellbeing of children.

Accessing nature more can:

  • reduce stress and increase wellbeing
  • support mental and physical development
  • help build confidence
  • improve concentration.

Approved by parents. Loved by kids. 

The bug den became quite epic!Lorna, mum of one

Your questions answered

When is the best time to plant the seeds?

You can plant them in spring and summer – they’ll bloom until the first frosts.

Where should I plant these seeds?

Put them in a sunny spot outside and enjoy seeing what creatures you attract. The flowers will also live happily on a sunny window sill.

What seeds are included?

Love-in-a-mist, golden tickseed, borage, larkspur, gypsophila, flax, Mediterranean stock, poppy, candytuft, sweet alyssum, viper’s bugloss, sweet william catchfly, dwarf morning glory, soapwort, Chinese forget-me-not, cosmos dwarf, baby blue eyes, godetia, toadflax, paper daisy, Moldavian dragonhead, viscaria oculata, dimorphotheca, desertbells, mountain garland.

As the seed mix includes non-native species it’s best to plant them in containers, enclosed gardens or controlled public spaces.

How many seeds are included?

The packet contains 2 g of seeds, which covers an area approximately 1 m².

How long does delivery take?

7-10 working days.