Ofgem announces latest energy price cap

Press release
Energy prices are expected to rise by about 20% from April when the government increases its existing limit on bills
  Published:  27 Feb 2023    |      1 minute read

Reacting to the news that Ofgem will cap the amount that suppliers can charge for energy at £3,280, Connor Schwartz, warm homes campaigner at Friends of the Earth, said:

“Though the new Ofgem price cap won’t have an immediate impact on people’s bills, it’s a stark reminder that energy remains incredibly unaffordable and that we are still at the whim of volatile global gas markets. Clearly, there is an ongoing need for action from the government to support people through this crisis and to prevent the next one.

“While some predictions say energy bills might finally start to drop later in the year, they’ll still be double what they were a year ago. This is hardly reassuring to those who are barely getting by. And even if the government does extend its energy price guarantee beyond April, which it should, it’s only a sticking-plaster solution that fails to address the root causes of the energy crisis.

“The government must not delay any further in rolling out a street-by-street insulation programme. Not only is this the best solution to lower bills permanently and help those struggling most, it’s also badly needed for the sake of our planet.” ENDS