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Liverpool FOE

Fuelling action on the ground

Big change starts small. Community groups work wonders in their local areas and are the heart of our organisation. Give a one-off donation today to help them achieve even more…

✔️ £10 could provide groups with resources like how-to-guides, posters, leaflets and much more.

✔️ £20 could help provide training sessions for groups on public speaking and influencing local decision-makers.

✔️ £30 could help community groups to run their own campaigns and events.

Liverpool FOE

Your donation makes a difference

We're facing a climate and ecological crisis. The government and big business are not treating this as a priority. Instead, they’re sticking to business as usual.

But our network is a powerful collective of ordinary people driving real change in their local areas to help build a better future for everyone.

By supporting us with a donation today, you'll be empowering these local heroes to:

✔️ Hold local and national decision-makers to account

✔️ Lobby MPs to take positive climate action

✔️ Plant trees and protect green spaces

✔️ Fend off polluting or unjust proposals

✔️ Push councils to stop investment in fossil fuels.

Waste No More lobby of Parliament 2003

Decades of impact

Together, our incredible network has achieved incredible victories in their local communities. They've:

✔️ Helped stop fracking in the UK

✔️ Protected Oxfordshire wetland from a new motorway (twice!)

✔️ Helped stop the build of a new coal mine in Merthyr Tydfil

✔️ Spared Hull from a giant new waste incinerator in the city.

Your donation today will help us continue to support our community groups in the fight for a greener and fairer future for everyone.

Waste No More lobby of Parliament 2003
Joanna_FOE Group Member

Our local heroes making a difference

"I believe we have a responsibility to protect our planet for future generations. Starting with your community has to be the best place to start. We all have something to give."

- Joanna, Friends of the Earth Group Member

For 50 years we've supported groups all over the country to drive real change in their local villages, towns and cities. We work to empower local heroes, just like Joanna, who are fighting the climate and ecological emergencies from within their communities.

Local communities are the heart of what we do. And in all honesty, they're the real reason behind our success.

Joanna_FOE Group Member