Tree facts: a path through the autumn woods

More trees please Why we need to double UK tree cover

Why should the UK double tree cover?

Trees play an incredible role in combating climate chaos by removing planet-wrecking emissions from the air around us.

Despite their importance, just 13% of the UK’s total land area has tree cover (compared to an EU average of 35%).

We believe one of the best solutions to protect our environment and achieve net zero emissions (removing as many emissions as we produce) is to double UK forest by 2045, but government targets currently fall well short.

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Did you know...

There's a lot more to nature's skyscrapers than meets the eye.

For a start, trees are one of our biggest natural allies in the fight against climate change.

They’re also home to thousands of species (can you guess how many?) and provide people all over the world with jobs.

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For the love of trees

Tree-hugger. Hippie. Climate crank.

Caring for nature used to be looked down upon. Not any more.

From Darlington in the north to Markswell Woods in the south, heroic communities up and down the country are banding together to protect their woods and parklands from being felled.

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